The Actor’s Portfolio - Bronze Package

$350 total cost

The Actor’s Portfolio - Silver Package

$400 total cost

The Actor’s Portfolio - Gold Package

$450 total cost

Call or e-mail for more info / 973-582-3770 /  


Your portfolio includes your theatrical resume or bio, your selected headshots and videos along with your contact info.  The videos are monologues shot against a green screen (1 comedic / 1 dramatic or whatever you choose) and converted for playback on any computer and ready for posting to the web.  We will shoot the videos for you, if don't currently have anything you want to use.

We can also shoot and edit scenes for actors wanting to go the extra mile (you provide the scenes) or edit together your existing footage into a powerful new demo reel.

*You provide your headshots, we convert them and store them digitally.  Should you need to have your headshots taken, we would refer you to Aaron Seals Photography - 122 W. 26th St., 6th Fl. NYC (btwn. 6th & 7th.) 212.219.3339